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I would like to thankyou all for such a great product. Please send 6 more bottles.

S.W from Scotland



The daily menus for the Rotation Diet have been developed to provide maximum nutritional value at all caloric levels. That's why it's best to stick with them as closely as possible. In addition, my experience in reviewing thousands of eating diaries indicates that deviations are likely to lead to increased calories, and increased calories will tend to slow your weight loss. The reason for the impact of deviations is usually quite simple to understand: most of us tend to prefer the foods that have more calories (have more fat or are sweeter) in any given food category!

Nevertheless, you can make substitutions if any particular food does not appeal or agree with you.

You should remember that your nutritional needs are best served by a wide variety of foods. In addition, there is another potential value to a wide variety of foods: variety in your choices of foods will ensure that you do not take in particularly large amounts of any given preservative or whatever pesticides are used in growing a particular food product.

I could be picky-picky about which substitutions are most closely equivalent in calories, but I don't think it is worth your effort to be concerned about 5 or 10 calories, more or less. And as for other nutritional values, you will do best if you choose foods that are similar to each other as substitutions. For example, one variety of green vegetable for another, one variety of winter squash for another, and so forth. In either case, you will not do much damage, provided you stick to the wide-variety principle, and do not continually eat just one or two foods from a given category.


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