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Just a quick mail to say how pleased I have been with your Hoodia pills. I'm half way through my third bottle, and will be ordering again very soon. Keep up the good work over there.

J.A from USA



Men say some remarkable things when you ask them why they are overweight. Here's a sampling of some of my husband's responses over the years:

  • I'm not overweight, you're just skinny.
  • I'm a big guy.
  • I can't help it if I have a hearty appetite.
  • It's inherited.
  • I have big bones.
  • Being chunky was my family's way of showing how well off they were—this isn't fat, it's a symbol of success.
  • This is protection. I never catch a cold; I haven't been sick in years; I must be doing something right.
  • Do you think I'm fat?

All this from a man with an IQ of almost 200!

]? you'll look at his statements, you'll note that he either denies that he's even got a problem or rationalizes that it's not beyond his control. He could lose, he thinks, if he set his mind to it. Most revealing was his observation that he has a hearty appetite.

Obviously he does. You don't get to weigh 240 pounds without one. But the underlying message I finally coaxed out of him (why is it that women have to beg their men to verbalize?) was that he considered it unthinkable to stop eating, or to leave the table, when he was still "hungry." (See page 38 Appetite vs. Hunger.)


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