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..I was originally amazed that the first two pills
I took of HoodiaLife, almost immediately took my cravings away...

Linda C., Bellevue WA



We have already seen that it is crucial to provide your body with the building blocks necessary to the constant renewal of your immune system. You now know about the immune-fat connection and realize that you must lose the excess weight that destroys immune power.

However, there is one more, very subtle way that what you eat can affect your immune power. The problem is called masked or hidden food sensitivities, or simply food allergies. It is your immune system's Achilles heel—its secret vulnerability. You may be eating yourself into serious immune weakness without realizing it.

Each of us has specific sensitivities to certain foods which can actually damage those trusty immune soldiers, the lymphocytes. If you looked through a microscope you would be able to see immune cells swell, slow down, and finally explode as they contact these food toxins. In a very real way, some foods are engaged in biological warfare against the very cells essential to our health. When you sit down to dinner, you may, without knowing it, be holding the beginning of biological Armageddon on your fork.

Oddly enough, most people have hidden food sensitivities to the very foods that appear most nourishing and healthy. Allergies to wheat, corn, and dairy products are so common that at least one of these afflicts almost every American. Yeast, sugar, coffee, eggs, and soy products are also common villains.


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