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Many, many thanks for such a wonderful product.

S.D from England



Binge eaters are yo-yo dieters, going on one diet after another, losing weight but always regaining it. Because of binge eating, weight is often gained back very quickly. Binge eating makes dieting extremely difficult, if not impossible. Because of your binge eating you may not last very long on diets.

My clients report a lifetime average of eleven serious attempts at weight loss, all of which have failed. Losing and regaining weight time after time is known as weight cycling and can be extremely distressing.

The average total lifetime weight loss for each individual I have treated is 211 pounds. This sounds like an unbelievable figure, but take a moment to add up all the weight you have lost and then regained in your lifetime and you may be surprised by your total.

Mary consulted me after a lifelong battle with her weight and her binge eating. At 50 years of age she had been overweight since college. She gained 25 pounds during her freshman year, and over the years her weight increased to 230 pounds. Over the years she had dieted more than 30 times, losing and regaining over 750 pounds. She had given up hope until she learned that her binge-eating disorder was the reason she could not diet successfully. I am pleased to say that after a course of treatment, as prescribed later on in this book, Mary is doing extremely well. She has lost her weight and only suffers from an occasional "mild" binge.

I don't care how many times you have dieted unsuccessfully. Once you learn to control your binge eating, you'll discover a new sense of personal control that you've never experienced before. Mary is a completely different person with a whole new attitude about herself and her life. She never thought it was possible.


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